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Tournament Rules

RVAL Ultimate Tournament Rules. 

Every team is expected to arrive on time, make every effort to play every game scheduled, and stay through the awards. 

USA ultimate 11th edition rules will be in effect.

Games are to 11 unless specified by the T.D.  Half-time is at 6. Two time-outs per team per game. If the game is tied at hard-cap a one goal playoff will ensue. No time-outs during hard cap. 
• If necessary, there will be a preliminary round to finalize the top 8 seeds of the tournament.  The bottom 2x teams will playoff where x is the number of teams more than 8 in the division.  The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team etc. 
• The tournament will be seeded regularly for a top 8 single elimination bracket.  The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team etc. 
• All tournament games will be single elimination. 

There will be an EMT at the tournament.

Seeding will be done using last years results. The Tournament Director can change the seeding if given evidence of a change from competition during the current season.
If there are not enough teams to make an 8 team elimination bracket then the T.D. will devise a format that works for the number of teams coming.