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Tournament Rules

• Teams must play against a minimum number of different teams throughout regular season to be considered for the tournament seeding. This minimum is set by the commissioner at the beginning of the season.

• Seeding is based on standing after regular season is over.

• Standings are based on a point system.  Over the course of the season each win is awarded 1 point, each tie is awarded ¹/₂ point, and each loss is awarded 0 points. Each team's point total is divided by the number of games that they played; teams are ranked by this number.  There are three ways to break a tie, in order they are: head to head competition, most number of wins, and finally a coin toss.

• The tournament will be seeded regularly for a top 8 single elimination bracket.  The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team etc.  The higher seeded team will host the playoff game if possible.

• All tournament games will be single elimination. 

• If the game is a tie at the end of regular time, 2 five minute overtime periods will be played.  "Golden Goal" rules apply—the first team to score wins the match. 

• If no one wins after Overtime PKs will be taken.  5 players from the visiting team will take their PKs, then 5 players from the home team will take theirs.  If it remains a tie then 1 player at a time will shoot until there is a winner.  Only players who were on the field at the end of the Overtime periods are able to take PKs.  Everyone who was on the field at the end of Overtime must take a PK before a player can take a second one (injuries excepted).

• An EMT is required at each Championship match.